You’ve probably seen the latest Honda commercials promoting the Summer Clearance event while sitting on the couch enjoying Under the Dome, America’s Got Talent or, dare I say, the Bachelorette. While the average viewer may not notice just what Honda is doing, it’s clear for any social media fiend to see the car brand is hinting at an under-utilized (yet extremely effective) Twitter strategy.

I’m talking about Twitter search. We wrote about Twitter search and respond a few months ago and urged our followers to give it a try. By using Twitter’s advanced search, businesses can see what their customers are saying about their brand or their product, even if they haven’t mentioned that specific Twitter handle.

Honda has used this Twitter strategy to fuel their Summer Clearance Event campaign. Here’s just one of their funny commercials:

What takes this video to the next level is the fact that @maddiebecker1 is a real Twitter handle, used by a real person, who really tweeted that she wanted a new SUV and had some money probzzz. Honda used the search and respond to find real life people tweeting about Honda, the Summer Clearance event and even cars in general. Honda saw great potential in responding to their current, potential and hopeful customers’ tweets by responding and letting them know about their great deals and savings opportunities during the Summer Clearance event.


What Your Business Can Learn

If you don’t already, now is the time to start searching and responding on Twitter. Whether you’re a Honda dealer, Italian restaurant, local shoe store, concert hall or home improvement chain, find what your customers are saying about you and your products on Twitter. Think of search and respond as the new-age customer service. Interact with happy customers and resolve issues with those who are unsatisfied. Search and respond is a great way to mend relationship and grow new ones!

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