The old saying “happy wife, happy life” certainly lives on and is spreading into the workplace.

Today more than ever, employees are coming into the office earlier, staying later and checking their emails over the weekends. Many millennials and their managers are accustomed to working beyond a 40-hour work week to meet client expectations, ensure projects are getting done and to prove themselves to their companies to cement their future and growth.

With many employees working tirelessly and becoming ultra-dedicated to their jobs, it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide a solid company culture and positive environment to keep their employees happy and rewarded.

If unlimited vacations and an in-office arcade aren’t in your budget or business model, there are ways you can give back to your employees to show your appreciation for all that they do and to keep them working hard for years to come.

comfortable-workEstablish a Relaxing & Comfortable Work Environment

Many famous offices around the world (Google, anyone?) supply in-office ping-pong tables, kegs, fully stocked kitchens and even napping areas. Any business can take these ideas and make them their own. Is your location too small to have a gym? Put a few free weights and kettle bells together to create a mini-gym. Don’t have a full kitchen available? Offer fresh fruit, bottled water or candy at the front desk. Do you enforce a dress code? Offer casual Fridays and dress down days in the summer.

Create a Team Building Committee

What better way to keep employees happy than by having them plan the activities themselves. Create a small committee of employees from various teams to coordinate both in and out of office activities. Whether it’s lunch in the office, a Friday happy hour or a trip to the local minor league baseball game, having your staff participate in team activities that they plan will boost happiness and productivity.

Listen to Your Employees’ Suggestions

employee-suggestionsEven if you offer the whole package to employees, some may not be satisfied. No matter if their complaints are valid or not, it’s key to listen to employee’s suggestions, concerns and approvals. If a past event went well, you want to know. On the other hand, if an in-office policy isn’t sitting well, you absolutely want to know. Listen to your employees and encourage them to voice their opinions so your company and office environment can be ever-improving.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg to creating a solid company culture within your business. Some may work for your business and some may not, so choose what works best to support your employees and keep everyone (or at least as many as possible) happy!

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