You’ve written a blog post– crafted a title, fashioned a catchy opening, added details, designed the post, edited over and over again and then you finally hit publish.

Good work! Now, how do you get people to read it? The blogosphere is like another world where over a million blogs exist and you want yours to stand out.

Here are five ways to be sure that you’re attacting visitors and keeping them coming back for more:

1. Write unique, high-quality content.shutterstock_83688523

First and foremost, write about what people care about. You want people to spend some time on your site, so producing quality content that engages the reader is the only way to keep potential customers coming back.

2. Optimize your posts.

Your site is more likely to rank in search results if it contains SEO keywords in your title, content and meta data. This is your chance to tell Google what your blog post is about.

Aim for no more than 75 characters for your meta title, 165 characters for your meta description, and three meta keywords. This will help your blog post show up for relevant search results, resulting in more eyes on your blog post.

3. Post consistently.

Is there anything worse than reading a great blog post and realizing that the author has only blogged once or twice? Building out content helps to build a relationship with your reader. A constant, positive online presence will make a huge difference and will make you stand out from your competitors.

4. Share away.

After you hit publish, one of the first things you can do is post your blog on social media. Share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

In addition to just sharing it with your followers, use LinkedIn and other industry forums to reach a new audience by joining relevant groups and sharing your content there. Instead of just throwing your content at people, try to get your new audience to engage with your content. Pose a question as your share a post to get the conversation started and be sure to comment back.

5. Share some more.

Continue to share your posts. Don’t just think that you’re done once you hit publish then share it across the four platforms. Find different ways to share it often on different social platforms – especially Twitter as the life of a tweet is so short.

Don’t be afraid to reference your blog post in other online conversations if it answers a question. Also, be sure to link back to the post in future posts to bring a new audience back to old content.

If you need consistent content on your blog, call PCG Digital Marketing to learn more about our content writing services and get your blog on the fast track to success!

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