Author: Don Lampert

Don Lampert is PCG’s Lead Digital Strategist and their first (and only) Keanu Reeves expert. Outside of the office he enjoys rebuilding old motorcycles, snowboarding and playing the guitar.

Local SEO: The Basics

If you’re wondering why your SEO strategy isn’t getting your business to Page One, take a lesson on local SEO from one of our expert digital strategists! Read More »

Brand Loyalty: What You’re Doing Wrong

Over the past five years, the majority of my advertising and marketing experience has come from working within the automotive industry with PCG. Paid search, organic search, social advertising, web design—I’ve done it all. My biggest takeaway is that the majority of dealers that I work with still have not adapted to the new digitalRead More »

Save Money, Hire An Expert

If you think you can manage your dealership’s paid search accounts without hiring an agency, take a moment to read our seven reasons why your dealership needs a paid search expert. Read More »

I Took a Drive Today and I Didn’t Think About You

March 20th was nothing more than your average wintery, almost spring day. The birds were not chirping, the neighborhood was quiet, the temperature outside was neither cold or warm, and I couldn’t decide if I should wear a jacket. I knew it was going to snow, but maybe rain. It was actually a very confusingRead More »

Is Your Company Running a Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing, huh yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing… Well, that’s not true at all, but I didn’t want to change all of the lyrics to Norman Whittfield and Barrett Strong’s famous song “War.” So remarketing…what exactly is this form of display advertising good for? Simply put, it’s good for branding, keeping a certainRead More »