Author: Jamie Paton

Hackers Gonna Hack: 5 Tips to Defend Your WordPress Site

Never underestimate the importance of website security. Your WordPress site doesn’t have to house government secrets, bank account numbers, or even personal information to be targeted. Not all hacks are Hollywood-level attacks where systems are crippled and grand heists are pulled off. While it’s still pretty sneaky, it’s much less flashy and takes much longerRead More »

PDFs Are Content Too

Did you know that PDFs can appear in both Google web and image search results? Learn more about how you can add PDFs to your overall content strategy!Read More »

Why Google Algorithm Updates Shouldn’t Be Scary

The SEO world’s two most infamous animals are creating chatter once again after Google’s Gary Illyes offered up some information regarding the Panda and Penguin updates at the SMX Advanced conference earlier this month. According to Illyes, a new Panda update, which he referred to as a ‘data refresh,’’ is likely to roll out inRead More »