Amber teamed up with PCG in April 2014 as a Brand Manager for VistaDash. This proud Texan is always working on broadening her knowledge of the ever-changing world of automotive digital marketing to complement her MBA in marketing. She loves sharing the benefits of VistaDash with clients all over the country and randomly hearing back from them about how much it has helped their business.

You may not know it by looking at her, but she has a 6’3” 240-lb. twin brother, and she may or may not know all the words to “I Love the Way You Lie,” by Eminem. She loves spending time with her husband and kiddos when she’s not at work and enjoys staying active by hiking, running, and playing Bridge.

She also has no problem relaxing at home with a Netflix marathon or some good ol’ college football. She lives her life with the wise words of her Momma in her ear, “Live everyday to the fullest. Love, be kind, forgive, and have fun.”

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