Josh got on board with PCG in September 2017 as a Content Writer and has enjoyed the collaborative environment of the office. Everyone is willing to help out, which has made it easy for him to expand his SEO and HTML knowledge.

His background in speech writing and presentation—which he learned under the tutelage of one of George H.W. Bush’s main writers, Curt Smith—certainly helps him craft engaging content for clients.

Music is a big part of Josh’s life. It touches everything he does and has a strong influence on his writing style. Seeking inspiration from Stephen Sondheim’s technical work with sound and lyric, Josh tries to write in a way that is engaging and sonically satisfying. He’s also a former gymnast, so don’t be surprised if you see him sticking a one-handed round off on the way to lunch.

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Josh is working on some great content to share with you. Please check back soon.