Shawn Kids Beach

Shawn’s been part of the PCG team since April 2009 and plays a vital role as our IT & Web Development Manager.

After working as a programmer for five years right out of college, he spiced things up and spent three years as a carpenter at a Miami Beach record store. He eventually returned to the technology field, where he’s constantly striving to sharpen his programming skills.

As the go-to guy in the office for just about everything web and IT related, it’s a good thing that Shawn happens to enjoy the uncertainty and challenge each day presents.

Outside of the office, Shawn can be found coaching his kids’ sports teams (basketball, soccer, and baseball) or hanging out with his wife and kids, preferably at the beach.

One of his favorite quotes that he feels applies to many aspects of life is: The sun don’t shine on the same dog’s ass everyday.