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LotLinx WOW Means LotLinx NOW

In January as a group, LotLinx dealers shifted 11% of their SEM spend to LotLinx- an average of $1,933 per month: They reduced their cost per shopper from an average of $23.70 with Adwords, to $3.99 with LotLinx They reduced their cost per VDP view from an average of $18.55 with Adwords to $3.17 withRead More »

Accelerate Car Shoppers Not Generic Traffic To Your Website

Dealers are naturally skeptical on new marketing strategies because they have been burned many times in the past.  I don’t blame dealers for being cautious.  However, I will continue to pound the table not with an emotional plea but with actual data from dealer’s using LotLinx.   I believe once dealers consider the data, theyRead More »