Facebook advertising can help you dominate the digital advertising scene, but before you get started, there are some things to keep in mind.

It’s extremely important to know your ideal consumer, otherwise, it’s like throwing darts at a dartboard in the dark. You probably won’t hit your bulls-eye target, and definitely won’t see your return on investment. To throw a perfect bulls-eye and get the biggest bang for your buck, keep these seven things in mind when creating a Facebook ad.

Be Memorable

You will be competing for space on a timeline, especially if you have a lot of competitors in your area. Your goal should be to create a memorable ad for your customer so they think of you when it’s time to convert.

Be Cost-Effective

Understand that Facebook ads operate as an auction, and there is a certain number of advertising spots available. If you have a lot of competitors in your area fighting against a limited amount of advertising spots, it will affect your ad cost.

  • Limited competitors = lower prices to carry out ads. More competitors = higher prices.

Choose Your Objective

Your objective depends on your business goal. For instance, are you looking to gain more traffic to your website? If so, you’d choose “clicks to website” as your objective.

If you are you more interested in long-term sales goals, you’d choose “lead generation” as your objective. This option helps create an audience of people interested in your business that you can use later as leads.

There are many different factors, so it’s important to understand what your business goals are and what objectives make the most sense for you.

Choose Your Location

Be sure to know exactly where you want to pull your ideal clients from, and measure your radius. How far are your consumers willing to travel for a test drive? Take that answer and use it as your radius for your ad.

Choose Your Audience

It’s crucial to choose the right audience for your business—this includes demographics, interests, and behaviors. If your business is a Jeep dealership, you’d target people who match interests with: “Jeeps,” “4×4 Trucks,” and “Mid-size SUV’s.” Choosing the right audience ensures your ad is targeted and reaches more viewers.

Interests and Behaviors

Interests let you define your audience through things they’ve shown an interest in. Facebook identifies “interests” as pages consumers “like,” keywords associated with those pages, and even apps they use within Facebook.

Behaviors are a little more advanced. This feature allows you to target individuals who perform certain behaviors. For instance, you can choose a behavior directed towards individuals who may be interested in buying a vehicle in the next 90 days. Just be sure the behaviors are relevant to your business and goals.


An ad loses value when its content can’t capture its audience. Design each part of the ad with a purpose, keeping your consumer in mind.

This is not going to make or break your company; it is simply a way to generate more business on top of the business you already have coming in. There’s plenty of trial and error when it comes online marketing, so please don’t feel intimidated to make adjustments. Now, get out in the online marketing world and make your business influential!