Author: Laura Bonawits

Laura is a Digital Marketing Specialist at PCG. She likes to sew, read fiction, go on day trips, and try new recipes. She is also a "Diamond Girl" (aka more than your average Neil Diamond fan).

Meet Google My Business’s Newest Feature: Google Posts

Google announced yesterday that its latest Google My Business feature, Google Posts, is now available in all business accounts. I’m playing it cool here, people; inside I feel very “!!!” about this new feature because I think it’s a big deal for small businesses. What Are Google Posts? Google Posts allow your business to highlightRead More »

5 Nifty & Free Online Tools for Digital Marketers

Every now and then I stumble across something online that makes me think, “man, I love the Internet.” In the office, that’s usually a site or tool that makes my job easier, makes my work better, and most importantly, doesn’t cost anything. Here are five tools that any digital marketer will love: Piktochart Infographics are a hot commodity nowRead More »