All car dealers share a common goal: to turn their inventory faster. But with budgets spread across multiple marketing channels, dealers may struggle to identify what’s paying off—or what they’re missing completely. Our audits present unbiased insights into your marketing investments, vendor partners, and technology used within your business. Our subject matter experts deliver clear-cut action items to empower your team, make corrective actions, and start noticing measurable change.

With a digital audit, you can expect objective, straightforward, and actionable insight into your digital investments. Here’s how it works:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Uncover areas of opportunity in your on-site SEO efforts.
  • Analyze your website traffic to see what’s working, and what can help drive more qualified traffic.
  • Assess your website’s health, identifying specific action items that can help your site perform better in search.

Paid Search

  • Directly access your Google AdWords campaigns to give feedback on what’s yielding conversions—and how to optimize your account for stronger, cost-efficient results.
  • Offer industry averages on metrics like click-through rate, bounce rate, cost-per-conversion, and more.

Social Media

  • Visit all major social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.
  • Report on the number of fans, page “likes,” reviews, and similar metrics.
  • Analyze content, offering specific examples of what to keep up or how to improve going forward.

Website Merchandising

  • Inspect new and used Vehicle Detail Pages to identify if best practices are followed on photos, vehicle descriptions, and video content.
  • Evaluate key pages such as Finance, Hours & Directions, and more, offering best practices and areas for improvement.

Add On:

Lead Handling

  • Conduct mystery shops to see how your dealership stacks up against your competitors.
  • Perform a deep dive in your CRM to compare your performance against industry benchmarks.
  • Evaluate your current email follow-up process and offer access to our proven email templates.

After 30 Days, You Receive:

  • A 50+ page PDF compiled by our team of experts, showcasing specific examples, analysis, and suggestions.
  • Custom 30- and 90-day action plans with clear-cut recommendations.
  • Custom curriculum of training workshops based on our findings.
  • Live webinar with our team of experts to review findings and offer the opportunity for questions.
  • Recorded webinar for future reference.