Dream. Strategize. Accomplish.

In order to achieve greatness, there needs to be a strategy. Taking aim at a new business, career, product line, art project, etc., there needs to be some sort of strategy to get the ball rolling and begin on the path to success. Let’s take starting a business as the main example. It starts withRead More »

5 Powerful Ways to Enhance Your Content Writing

When it comes to content writing, there are two main goals: improving your search engine rankings to increase targeted traffic to your website and boosting the conversion rate of your website. So, how do you get there? You might find yourself wondering how to accomplish these important overall goals, and without having strategies in placeRead More »

Who Is Seeing My Facebook Ads?

It all starts with a concept. That amazing idea that pops into your head at 4 AM that you know will go down as the best Facebook advertisement in history. The graphic is made, the message is perfected, but one thing is missing–who the heck is going to see this ad? Where do you evenRead More »

Attribution in the Buying Cycle

Have you ever been online, seen an advertisement for a product and ended up buying it?  Of course, you have–who hasn’t?  This is called market attribution, or the determination of the steps a user took to reach a desired outcome.  I attribute attribution (see what I did there?) to the success of many e-commerce businesses. Read More »