How to Find Your Favorite Features in the New Search Console

How many times over the last few months have you logged into Google Search Console just to completely ignore the blue button at the top that says “Use new Search Console,” or better yet, ignored every single prompt to “Go to the new report?” Be honest. It’s okay; change is scary and I certainly refrainedRead More »

Why Does Marketing Attribution Matter?

You’ve probably heard conversations about marketing attribution. You’re familiar with the concept, but you wonder why it matters. Maybe you haven’t thought about it at all. Well, here’s a crash course that is worth the read. Marketing attribution is the science of determining touch points that contribute to an outcome, decision, or purchase and assigningRead More »

4 Easy Ways to Start Planning Your Content Calendar

If you’re one of those “I’m not sure what I’m doing later today, let alone six months from now” types of people, I hear you. For many, creating any long-term plan is a daunting task with seemingly too many ways to approach it, so it’s easier to just not start. But like so many thingsRead More »

Be S.M.A.R.T About Accountability

Accountability can sometimes be a struggle for anyone, because it involves creating long-term habits that people may be unfamiliar with. The best example is New Year’s Resolutions: the most common resolutions are losing weight, exercising more, and spend less money. While everyone has incredible motivation to follow through, the only problem is individuals expect to makeRead More »

6 Tips to Help Hold You and Your Team Accountable

Accountability? What is that? A lot of us ask ourselves this question often. To keep it simple, it’s responsibility. Below you will find few ways for you to hold yourself and your team accountable. Set expectations in the beginning. Not the middle. NOT the end. When you start off telling your marketing team what youRead More »

Quality Leads Through Paid Search Campaigns

Understanding how to get quality leads is crucial in order to properly execute your campaigns and drive traffic to your website. In order to do so, you’ll need to ensure the conversions you’re tracking are set up properly and are consistent with your digital marketing strategy. When it comes to the automotive industry, the mainRead More »