Have you ever done a search for your business name only to see a competitor pop up? It’s not what you did wrong, but what your competition’s doing right—utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC is a form of paid search advertising that allows you to promote your message in search results and across the web. It provides real value when properly done, and PCG Companies gives your business the care and attention it deserves. The process of building a good pay-per-click campaign doesn’t just happen; it takes time and attention to detail. Here’s how PCG can maximize your reach:

Let’s Make A Plan

You have questions about what PPC advertising can do for your business, and the answers come from your very own dedicated PPC specialist, who sits down with you at the start to discuss what we can accomplish together.


Your Message: Front And Center

After we do the research, our paid search experts craft text ads that promote you or your products to the people searching for what you do. If you want to make a more visual impact, we can also set up pre-roll video ads on YouTube to increase your impressions.


Constant Attention

Your time is important to us and so is your budget. Your pay-per-click specialist regularly monitors your account and adjusts it for maximum exposure and clicks from your spend. We strive to deliver engagement, because that’s what good paid search advertising companies do.


The Data You Need

You can reach out any time you have a question, but we always review monthly reports with you so you can see exactly what your PPC campaign is doing through actionable data. We’re flexible here, and can be adaptive to new objectives.