Are you frustrated by the lack of activity on your Facebook page? There’s more to it than just posting about a current sale going on. There are plenty of social media advertising services out there that can build your brand and gather loyal fans, like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn—do you know how to properly use them? If you aren’t sure how to build a social media presence across multiple platforms that potential customers will connect with, then it’s time you teamed up with PCG Companies. When you do, you get a dedicated social media advertising specialist managing your online presence to guide you through the process. Here’s how we help you reach customers online:

Let’s Talk

It all starts with a call. We’ll talk direction, we’ll talk objectives, and we’ll get rolling right away by taking your feedback and assessing your insights. From there, we craft a multi-platform plan that delivers optimal results.


Get Familiar

Once we know where you stand, we get to work developing a plan and building your brand voice so you have an identity that will resonate with your target market.


A Lot to ‘Like’

We work with you every step of the way so you know what we’re doing and the results we’re getting from each social media site. Key targeting ensures that the right people see your content or video ads—we also build compelling text and content ads that will catch a customer’s eye on a busy newsfeed.


An Ongoing Process

Without the power of social media advertising, your reach is only about 6%, according to a study by Edgerank Checker. We help you maximize your reach by promoting you on everything from the photo-centric Instagram to B2B powerhouse, LinkedIn. Your dedicated expert constantly monitors your progress and adjusts your campaigns as necessary to deliver maximum value. And you see all the reports so you understand how we’re building you a loyal following.

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