Which is your favorite website to go to and watch a video: YouTube? Facebook? Vimeo? Personally, when someone tells me to check out a video, I go right to YouTube. Why? They always seem to have the video ready to watch in roughly two clicks and a quick advertisement.

Have you noticed that video ads have seemingly taken over the Internet and are attached to just about every video you gaze upon now? There’s something about online video ads that separate them from TV commercials. I rarely switch to a different video or click off a site if an ad plays prior to the video I want to watch, where as when watching TV, I almost always change the channel when a commercial comes on. Why? I have no idea, but I know that online video advertising works and is becoming more and more popular every minute.

Recent reports show that this type of online advertising is exploding and is now more popular than ever before. This is no surprise, and you should act on it. According to VideoMetrix data, Americans viewed more than 11 billion ads in June, representing a 9.2% increase from May’s previous record. This incredible number proves just how far video advertising has come since just this past January, when only 5.6 billion views occurred.

When it comes to posting video content on the Internet, there is a plethora of websites to choose from. Luckily for you, I am here to tell you which ones are the best to get your video content and ads seen, shared and promoted!

Where Are You Publishing Your Videos?

Facebook is a fast growing option for posting your videos, as in June 2012, Facebook rose 11% to 49 million viewers! Using your Facebook page to attract your fans to a newly uploaded video is the perfect way to gather views and generate interest. It is also a great way to gauge fans responses to your videos with the comments and ‘Likes’ sections.

Vimeo has moved its way in to the upper echelon of video sites at 21.4 million viewers in June, and is now one of the top 10 websites to upload your video to if you want strong engagement, a great deal of views and viewer interaction.

The king of online video is still Google, though, as its sites combined to reach 154.5 million viewers in June 2012. This astonishing number crushes the competition, and if you want the best chance of gaining viewers and exposure with video content, choosing Google’s websites, like YouTube, is a priority.

As I mentioned earlier, YouTube always comes to mind when the words Internet and video are paired together, and it’s still one of the best websites to upload your media to. Posting to YouTube is a fantastic way to get your video seen and shared for three simple reasons: YouTube makes it easy to search for, embed and share videos.

When you’re uploading your next video, just think of how important it is to upload your content to one of these top sites! Who knows — maybe 154.5 million views are coming your way!

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About the Author

Brian Lundy is a web designer and Coldfusion web developer for PCG Digital Marketing. He also specializes in search engine optimization and CSS.