In the past year, I’ve had the experience to grow into the world of video marketing: video pre roll, promo video, product video, about us video and many more. And the most important thing I’ve learned so far is how important video is really is for you and your business.

Think about it; when you end up on a company’s website that you’ve never been before, are you more inclined to click a giant play button on a video about the company or read the long “about” section? If you’re sitting in a big comfy chair after a long day of work trying not to read any more than you have to, that video becomes more and more enticing every second you’re on their site.

The same is true for product descriptions. I find myself watching product videos more often than not when looking to buy that new iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4. My point is video is officially impossible to ignore as an aspect of your business and if you are, you are being left in the dust, no matter what industry you’re in.

Not sold yet? Check out this video infographic if you don’t believe me. video infographic We’ve written this before on our blogs, but it’s worth stressing again. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google, meaning there’s a good change that you’re way more apt to have an optimized, well produced, well shared video rank high on Google since Google is YouTube’s parent company. Google is Youtube’s parent company.

Amazingly, but not surprisingly, video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. Face it, we’re lazy and scrolling and reading that tiny font on your iPhone (or Samsung Galaxy S4) is a pain, while pressing play and adjusting your volume is a lot easier and faster.

Going back to the importance of product videos, check out this stat: If viewers are 64%-85% more likely to buy after watching a video, shouldn’t you have a video of your product on your website? Video content is quite possibly the most important aspect of your online marketing, and if you’re ignoring these eye popping statistics, then you’re flat out ignoring future customers and clients. And nobody wants to do that, right?

About the Author

Brian Lundy is a web designer and Coldfusion web developer for PCG Digital Marketing. He also specializes in search engine optimization and CSS.