Working in the field of digital marketing never gets boring.  I’m in Milford Ohio this morning and I was conducting a search on Google and noticed that something had changed.  The way in which Google is identifying Google Adwords ads has changed.  Just a few days ago I was conducting searches and the top three Adwords positions were shaded in yellow, like they have been for years.

Today, the yellow background highlight for the top three positions is gone.  In place are yellow ad markers, which I have never noticed until this morning.

Here is what the SERP’s used to look like just a few days ago, I highlighted the area that used be be shown with a yellow background:


I am not sure why the change was made but it more clearly tells shoppers which search results are advertisements.

The little yellow “Ad” graphic is eye catching, so what do you think about this change?  Share your comments below.



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