PCG Digital Marketing announces that it will be using the reporting of Conductor Searchlight™ to offer the most advanced SEO reporting available to the automotive industry.

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With Google’s (not provided) update, keyword data used to learn key information is no longer available, including understanding your customer’s intent and gauging customer interest. Tracking the success of marketing efforts is also compromised with the update.

Conductor Searchlight™ provides PCG with a solution that allows in-depth reporting on search terms that are no longer accessibleto marketers.

PCG will also be able to report on important metrics for the automotive industry, including:

  • Rankings of Search Engine Result Pages
  • Ιn-market shoppers (VDP views)
  • Competitor market share analysis in search results
  • Pro-active keyword discovery from paid search metrics
  • Areas of opportunity in SEO on your website

With Conductor Searchlight™, PCG will be able to report on search performance for key terms, which will identify opportunities to get more potential customers to their website. Using the new TrueTraffic formula, PCG will also be able to use specialized metrics to restore lost Google data on customer search, allowing PCG to track customer’s intent and craft a strategy to capitalize on it.

Conductor Searchlight™ offers advanced visual reporting on SEO never seen before in the automotive industry.

“Our reporting is now the most advanced you can find in SEO,” said Matt O’Such, Director of Digital Marketing at PCG Digital Marketing. “The Searchlight suite of tools gives our team access to advanced keyword tracking, detailed website improvement metrics, visualized SEO reporting and an unprecedented level of competitor market-share analysis; all of which have never been utilized by an agency in the automotive marketing arena before.”

conductor example reportPCG Digital Marketing is excited to showcase this new and exciting tool at NADA 2014. Schedule an appointment with the team or stop by Booth 7218 to see how this reporting enhances PCG’s SEO strategy and services.

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