Aaah, it’s spring.

(Insert sigh of relief here.)

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and your general outlook on life is sunny again. You feel re-energized and ready to take on the world, right?

But can you say the same for your website?

How’s that looking? A bit tired? A mite drab? A tad untended?

spring cleaningJust as you’re devoting some time and action to those long put-off projects around the house (I’m talking to you, attic and garage), now is the perfect time to spring-clean up your website, too.

Not sure where to start?

Roll up your sleeves and follow me:

Spiff Up Your Style

When it’s time to change, it’s time to change. Like all trends, website designs come and go. And while your site may not warrant a redesign, a few visual upgrades and design tweaks will keep your site’s style fresh and your brand viable in the eye’s of your ever-evolving consumer.

Have a mobile strategy. Statistics clearly reveal ever increasing mobile web traffic, and this is not a trend. Pick a statistic – over 50% of all web traffic is from mobile devices, over a billion people access the internet on their phone, mobile traffic accounts for 15% (I’d say more) of all traffic,…and on and on. If viewing your site on a phone leaves a bad taste in visitors mouths, or worse, no taste…they’ll leave and might not be back for a while.

Scrub That SEO

You know what springs eternal? Search springs eternal. Yes, the quest for superior find-ability is a moving target and you’ve got to stay on top of it.

Make sure that the basics are covered. Review your site and make sure that the page title, keyword description, and content are all…on the same page. That is, these things should all be working together and reinforcing each other. It’s the least you can do.

Here are some other tips to make sure your SEO is ready for the new season.

Clean That Content

Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis? Seriously—what the heck are you talking about on your website? Is it pointed, helpful and relevant? Does it seduce and motivate? Does it engage and inspire? Now’s the time to ditch the half-assed drivel and get serious about creating quality content on your website.

Do your product pages properly describe what you do? Make sure that each product you sell or service you do has a page dedicate just to that. The page should be informative as well as designed to convert. Check that all forms work so you know your potential customers can contact you.

Does your “About Us” page tell your story and your message? Include enough content so that potential customers can really get a feeling for who you are as a company. While your here, double check all contact information and business hours. Be sure to check your staff page as well because there’s nothing worse than an employee fired two months ago looming over you.

Luster Up Those Links

Nothing says crappy website like broken links. Take 10 minutes one night while you’re watching TV and go through each and every link on your site to make sure it’s not only linking properly but actually going where you want it to go.

Review your links, anchor text and content to make sure they’re relevant. Using relevant anchor text to promote your content, fosters your link relevancy, which enhances your link building process.

Polish That Plan

From social media to paid search to, well, anything, everything you do on the ol’ World Wide Web is done to drive traffic to your website. Now that your website is as clean as a whistle, you can shift your focus to tidying up your Internet marketing plan. Take stock of what’s working (and what isn’t). Make an action plan of things you want to keep on keepin’ on with and things you want to test out and things you want. Get your budget together and go for it.

Spring is all about a fresh start. Freshen up your appearance and see how far it will take your business!

About the Author

PCG Digital Marketing is an award winning digital agency headquartered in Eatontown, NJ. We help our clients get found online through innovative search, social and online advertising campaigns.