If you are still ignoring what people are saying about your business online, you’re very likely creating hot leads for your competition. Look up the word reputation and you will find that it is defined as the overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general. Your business is being judged online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you have turned a blind eye to getting reviews from customers, then you are handing over leads to dealerships in your area that are targeting your market and building a positive reputation online.

Google Reviews Are Like Gold

Internet Reputation ManagementYour reviews should be positive, consistently high scoring, and reflect what it is like to do business with your dealership.

Reviews for Google max out at five stars. More is better, but it’s important that the stars reflect quality. Remember that consumers are looking for real opinions and they want a true read on what the experience is like. Sometimes customers will mention areas that need work. This information helps to make you aware of areas of opportunity for your business and also confirms that your reviews are authentic.

Make sure that your business listing is verified. Engage with your customers and become an active presence on Google by responding. This shows past, present, and potential customers that you care about their opinions and are always looking to improve your business.

Get Your Team on Board

Now more than ever your online reputation should be a top priority. How many reviews did you get last week? Last month? If you failed to get any or if you are not sure exactly how many you received then there is work to be done. Get your team on board with the review process to help your business gain fresh reviews as often as possible.

Once your staff understands that new business relies heavily on reviews and that they are essentially building future business for themselves, they should have no problem speaking with customers on a regular basis about them.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Start by finding customers who are happy with the services they’ve been provided with and ask them to write about it. Your customer has already chosen to start a relationship with your dealership. They chose to deal with your team to fulfill their needs. It’s likely that they are extremely happy with the service and would love to pass that along to others.

After a customer has visited your dealership their review should let others know what made their experience special or different. Ask customers to include details such as the name of the person who assisted them. This is especially important for sales and service.

Keep track of your competitors to see how you match up against their reviews. If you are not beating them for number or stars, then you need to put your game face on and immediately plan a positive review strategy. Hold your team accountable and keep a constant eye on what your digital reputation looks like to the consumer.

If you are not prepared with a polished reputation then it can mean loads of dollars lost. Having a rock solid review process in place will help your dealership stand above the rest.

About the Author

Jamie Paton is a Project Manager at PCG Digital Marketing by day and a TV connoisseur by night. As an SEO strategist she spends a lot of quality time on social media sites and with Google Analytics and Search Console.