For marketers, Google’s AdWords services provides a unique way to advertise their business in a way that allows the consumer direct access to the product or services being offered. Someone searches for something that triggers your ad, they click on your ad as it pertains to exactly what they were looking for, and BAM – you make a sale!

The actual system itself, however, is a little more complicated than that, as you do have to compete with other businesses for ad position and what not. Plus, AdWords offers you a number of different tools and add ons that can make your ads more appealing to potential consumers.

One of the most important things you can do to help make your ads stand out to the consumer and, in return, make them more likely to click on yours over the competition is the use of ad extensions. Ad extensions help add extra layers of user interaction to your ads using options like site links, phone extensions, social media connectivity, and much more.

The Power of Ad Extensions

To give you a solid grasp on how putting ad extensions into your Adwords campaigns can really increase the efficiency of your ads and help reach potential consumers on a whole new level, let’s look at an example:

Say you’re driving along a dirt road and you get a flat tire. No AAA, no spare in your car. All you have is your phone. You hop on Google and search for a repair shop or a tow truck near your location, and a few results pop up, with the top two being AdWords ads. One ad has a call extension and a Yelp review extension highlighting its 5-star rating, allowing the user to simply press a button to call the tow service, while the other ad has nothing but the ad. Which ad do you think you would be more inclined to click on?

Slapping a phone number or a quick review of your businesses under your ad isn’t all that ad extensions can provide for your campaigns. Sitelink extensions allow you to ad direct links to your ads, providing more options for a potential customer when they trigger your ad, location extensions can link straight to Google Maps for easy directions, and review extensions to let potential customers know what previous customers had to say about your business.

Here’s a paid search listing for PCG Digital Marketing with extensions:

PCG Ad Extensions

Not only do ad extensions provide all of these great benefits for the user, ad extensions can also improve your campaign’s quality score by increasing your click through rate. Combine this with the fact that ad extensions are FREE and it instantly becomes a no-brainer modus operandi towards creating the perfect ad campaigns for your business.

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