When’s the last time you ranked your competitors against the keywords you are currently targeting in your SEO campaign? How many competitors did you look at? When was the last time that you actually had time to sit down, rank twenty or thirty keywords for your website and three of your competitor’s website?

Don’t worry, these are all rhetorical questions.

Imagine that you had the ability to automatically track a list of keywords for your website and a few competitors in your market. Well, stop dreaming, because not only is it possible, but it’s extremely easy. PCG is currently showing their clients this information — changing the automotive SEO reporting game.

Sit back, take the blue pill and follow me down the rabbit hole as I tell you three of my favorite things that PCG and Conductor Searchlight’s competitive tracking and analysis has to offer.

1. Competitive Keyword Comparison

One of the best things available to our clients is the ability to see which of their competitors are showing up for keywords that we want to specifically target.

Conductor Searchlight Competitive Keyword Tracking

Competitor Website has been removed from this chart to protect the weak!

Our reporting allows us to track three static competitors and a menagerie of other websites targeting your keywords (or, ones that might not be important enough to see all the time). This system shows us if a competitor is ranking in the top 100 positions of search and shows us the rate of change for those keywords.

Impressive, right? Stay seated…

2. Competitive Content

Let’s pick a keyword phrase, any keyword phrase. How about “why is my website not ranking.” This is a question I get all the time, so, great keyword phrase. Competitor One shows a position three ranking on page one for “why is my website not ranking” and Competitor Three shows up in position five on page one for this phrase. So what are they doing? We’re all dying to know.

By simply clicking through this keyword in Conductor Searchlight, we can see exactly where this phrase is ranking, what page is ranking in search, what the content looks like on that page, and more importantly, what we can do to our own site to get our page to work. HTML issues, meta issues, keyword density issues, URL issues, it’s all there.

Still impressed? (Rhetorical again).

3. Competitive Market Share

I’m sure you’re already sold on using this tool, but let’s look at one last thing. Competitive Market Share is probably the easiest thing to look at to see how you are doing against your competition.

What’s our main goal? (Please don’t say the first position on page one!) Web presence or search visibility should be your answer. We all have dreams about being #1, but SEO is always evolving and Google wants to give people a choice. Being in one of the first five spots of page one, or before the fold, should be your goal. A simple bar graph will show has the most URLs in the top five positions in search for the keywords we are tracking for your site, as well as a few competitors.

Competitive Tracking With PCG’s Automotive SEO Reporting

That’s it, plain and simple. Mind blowing, right? We can clearly see that whatever Kelly Nissan is doing is definitely working, I wonder who does their SEO?

Conductor Competitive Market Share Graph

This is only a taste of what PCG and Conductor Searchlight has to offer. Interested in a 30-day trial? I bet you are. Sign up here or PCG directly to get started.

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