Have you been running Facebook ads with great metrics but you’re not sure about the ROI? Facebook, like many forms of traditional advertising, is one place where ad success doesn’t immediately mean more sales. However, Facebook gives you one big tool that traditional advertising does not: targeting.

Before we lived within the magical land of technology that we do today, “traditional” advertising and word of mouth were essentially the only mediums available to reach your audience. Newspapers, radio ads, TV commercials, and billboards were the only options businesses had to reach a large audience. And while those traditional methods reach a significant number of consumers, there is no way to guarantee that they reach the right ones.

Facebook offers one of the most unique platforms for advertising. Sure, you can pay for advertisements on specific websites that target consumers similar to those you’d like to reach. But, Facebook is a centralized user platform. It’s a place where over one billion people worldwide spend time socializing, planning events, posting photos and providing life updates. All types of people spend hours a day on this site. The people you want to target are on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising for Car Dealers

carsFacebook targeting is fantastic, especially for car dealers, since we have the ability to reach people in your area who are interested in your product or competing products. With vehicle ownership data found in Parter Categories of Power Editor, we can create ads and target them to people who own certain models or are likely to be in the market for a certain brand.

With this in mind, it is absolutely vital to know your product, your audience, and how the two interact.

Select Your Audience

With Facebook advertising through Power Editor, you can create ads targeting all of the different kinds of people who buy your products. You can also use different messages for each unique set of consumers. Showing your audience that you know them, and you understand why they should buy your product can help you create brand loyalty.

The first step when doing this is to consider the culture surrounding your area, your product, or both. For example, our experience with automotive Facebook advertising has been that car dealerships located in Texas are likely to sell more pickup trucks than sedans; car dealerships in New Jersey are likely to sell more sedans/compacts; car dealerships in California are likely to sell more compact/hybrid models. You’ll have the numbers to back this up based on your vehicle sales, then have the tools to target ads directly to these shoppers.

What is the culture surrounding a pickup truck? A sedan? Why would someone choose one over the other? What makes someone a pickup driver versus a hybrid driver? Who is buying your product? Are they old or young? Men or women? What kind of jobs do they have? What kind of music do they listen to? Are they single or married? Do they have children?

Find out the answers to these kinds of questions to see how your product enhances and plays a part in the lives of the people who buy it. Now you can really get an appealing message in front of the right people.

Help your business stand out. Figure out exactly who your audience is, find them with Facebook targeting, and show them you understand them! Appeal to them with more than just your product.

PCG Digital Marketing offers three different social media advertising packages. We work with you to determine who you should be targeting and create Facebook promotions and ads for you. Give us a call today to get started!

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