I want to thank Chip Dorman for giving me a heads up on a video SERP format showing up in Google search. In this case, under the top three Google Adwords placements, there is a HUGE YouTube video when you search “2014 Kia Long Beach.”

When you click on the video, it takes the consumer to YouTube which plays the video message. The landing page on YouTube is displayed below:


As you can see, there are other videos on the right side of the page, which is not an ideal situation. This makes me believe that this is an organic SERP format, and not an Adwords product. Otherwise, the landing page would take the click-action to the dealer’s YouTube channel.

I don’t have all the information today but the sheer size of the video gets me very excited. You can’t miss this video in the SERP format! I never saw it before so I decided to share it on ADM because of the many applications this strategy can have for dealers.

I have a call into Google on this topic so stay tuned but once again, Google keeps marketing professionals on their toes. This is a reminder that video marketing, both SEO and SEM, is a very effective way to connect with consumers.  Video is also very “consumable” on mobile devices.

If you didn’t notice, there was also a YouTube video in the “normal” organic area of Google Page One search results. If you don’t have a strong video SEO strategy in place, this is another wakeup call.  The SERP results that show video thumbnails stand out from the generic “text” search results.

I’m sure my friend Manny Luna will be loving this new marketing opportunity!

P.S. I called A.J. Le Blanc from CAR-Merical and he thinks this is an SEO placement and not an Adwords ad format. If that is the case, that is a big boost for Video SEO strategy




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