With each Facebook update, brands are finding it harder and harder to get their messages on their fan’s News Feeds. There are ways to get around Facebook’s numerous updates and play their game, though. It takes a little bit and strategy (it is marketing, after all), but with the right mix of post types and a little bit of spending, you can make sure your message is heard.

1. Know your audience.

Just because the customer who walks through your door is a 40 year old female doesn’t mean that she’s the one commenting on all of your statuses. A little research will show you exactly who your audience on Facebook is, allowing you to produce content that this audience cares about.

All business pages have access to this through Facebook Insights. This feature allows you to see all of your important statistics – think engagement, reach and fans – as well as insight into each of these.Facebook-InsightsIn this example, 59% of all fans of this dealership are men between the 18 and 34 years old. This is great information for your social media team because you can create content that this audience will care about. Sorry, ladies, but this Facebook page should be pushing content on pickup trucks, muscle cars and other things that men like since they’re the fan base.

2. Don’t be afraid to use a paid strategy.

With the decline in organic reach for businesses, you really have to pay if you want to play (or have your fans see your posts).

PCG Digital Marketing has over 900 fans and spends a lot of time finding and writing the best content to share with our followers – but many times, our posts are reaching fewer than 100 people due to this decline.

However, by spending just $5 to boost the post into the Newsfeed of fans and friends of fans, the post reached 1,200 people with the budget and another 400 organically. This small ad spend was worth getting more eyes (and engagement) on this content.


When you have an important message to share on Facebook, don’t hesitate to spend just a few dollars to make sure that your fans are seeing your message! Just be sure to use it sparingly, such as for a new model arrival or dealership announcement, and not to continuously push sales, but good content that you want people to engage with.

3. Use photos to show off your cars – and your team.

If you’re not doing this, you’re missing out for two big reasons. First, the latest update to Facebook’s algorithm includes a decrease in the amount of text status updates from Pages in the News Feed. Second, we are visual people.  A study from Facebook states that posts including a photo generate 120% more engagement than the average text post.

Updates aside, cars are visual products. There’s a reason why dealership websites have so many photos; people want to see what they look like. Use Facebook as a tool to showcase your products – as well as your people and dealership.

At the end of the day, people do business with people. While they can buy a car at another dealership, they cannot do business with your team at that dealership. Facebook is a great opportunity to show off the team you have in the world-class showroom and service center you’ve built.

If you need help getting your dealership’s message in front of your Facebook fans, PCG can help!

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