You may know what to say, but do you know how to say it? Content writers do!content writer

It can be quite a challenge to think outside the box and produce engaging content, and not to mention, find the time to do it. But the fact of it is, if you’re not creating quality content for your dealership’s website, your online marketing efforts will not deliver the return you expected.

As a car dealer, you know the ins and outs of the car business, but producing interesting content about your industry might not be in your wheelhouse. Content writing is not as easy as you may think. Unless you have a passion for writing yourself, hiring a professional content writer could be extremely beneficial in improving your online presence.

Below are four reasons why you should start to consider hiring a content writer for your business’s online efforts:

1. They are professionals.

You can no longer get away with having an intern, secretary, or salesman create the content for your dealership’s website. You need a professional who understands how to not only write for the web, but how to construct articulate blog posts that are both interesting to read and written in the unique voice of your company. These are the components of digital marketing that content writers specialize in, so having someone qualified to represent your online presence becomes a great asset.

2. They have time to be consistent.

Google and other search engines want fresh content. If you are working over 40 hours a week at your dealership already, how are you going to find time to write or distribute content? Unfortunately, many car dealers don’t. This makes for an inconsistent online presence.

When search engines are crawling your website, one of the things they target is how often your website is updated. That being said, it is important to be publishing new blog posts, articles, videos, and various other types of content several times a week, as well as daily social media updates. Chances are, you don’t have that kind of time at your disposal. Your content writer’s primary focus is writing for your dealership, so you can be guaranteed that your website is constantly and consistently being updated with fresh content.

3 They are versatile.

It is a challenge to come up with unique content day after day. Luckily, content writers can write about nearly anything! They will ultimately be great at writing automotive pieces, but they are also creative enough to think outside the box. A passion for grammar and the written word will help them give your business the fresh spin that attracts shoppers. Professional writers know how to relate a wide range of topics to your industry and provide a fresh angle of ideas, making even the most boring topics relatable to the consumer.

4. They understand SEO.

A lot more goes into writing a blog post than meets the eye. In the backend of your website, there are numerous things working in harmony to make your content rank in a search engine. Examples include well-constructed headlines, keyword density, keyword placement, proper formatting, and much more. Does none of this sound familiar? It will to an experienced content writer. Having the right mix of quality content and SEO matters more than ever when it comes to increasing traffic conversions and traffic retention.

If you do decide to write content while also managing the day-to-day of your dealership, you may find yourself overwhelmed. You may think that wearing this additional hat will save you money and be more efficient, but in reality, both the content and your business will suffer from it.

By hiring a content writer either in-house or through an agency, you give yourself the time to focus on the in-store relationships with the customers, while letting a trusted professional take care of your digital relationships. And with that alliance, your website’s online presence will flourish, along with business!

If you’re looking for a content writer for your dealership, PCG Digital Marketing’s award-winning content team has been helping dealers around the world achieve better results through consistent, quality content. Contact us today to learn more about our unique automotive content services.

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