LotLinx is the perfect addition to a dealer’s vehicle merchandising and advertising strategy. Since most dealers are already using Google Adwords, Display Advertising, and publishing their vehicles to online classifieds websites, LotLinx represents a new strategy to generate incremental sales. It’s the missing piece to the automotive marketing puzzle.

LotLinx generate fresh shoppers to a dealer’s website; over 75% of the visits are new according to Google Analytics. The ability to drive in-market shoppers to a dealer’s in-stock inventory on a pay-for-performance model is refreshing. With LotLinx, there are no keywords to guess. There are no marketing boundaries that limit the exposure of a dealer’s vehicles.

AdWords Is Not Naturally Efficient In Generating Shoppers

What most dealers don’t understand is how to evaluate the effectiveness of their Google AdWords campaigns to drive in-market shoppers to look at their inventory. Dealers should be looking at the Cost per SRP (CPS) and Cost per VDP View (CVV) in their AdWords campaigns. When dealers conduct that analysis, with tools like ROI-BOT, they can easily increase their ROI by 25-75%.

shutterstock_148371572Dealers, have you ever listened to the calls generated from your AdWords campaigns? From my research, 30-40% of those calls are for service, even though your dealership is NOT running service campaigns. In these cases, AdWords is being used as the Yellow Pages for local consumers.

I can’t tell you how many dealers have called me to say that as they increased their AdWords budgets, they did not see an increase in online leads and vehicle sales.

I am an advocate for AdWords, but there is a limit to how much a dealer can spend on AdWords to generate shopping traffic in any given month. However, the bigger issue is that we are judging the effectiveness of AdWords on Cost per Click (CPC).

This is the wrong metric to judge the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns designed to sell cars.

In 9 out of 10 cases, when I inspect a dealership’s AdWords accounts, there are a number of campaigns that are spending too much money to generate a shopper. A shopper comes to the dealer’s website to look at in-stock vehicles.

In fact, the average used car marketing campaign in Google Adwords generates very poor penetration to Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP). It is not uncommon to see less than 20% of the clicks visit a VDP.


Of course, some Search Results Pages (SRP) are the equivalent of a “mini VDP.”  Each website platform has to be evaluated separately because VDP views may be lower due to better SRP design.

For example, some websites allow consumers to get all the information they need from a Search Results Page (SRP) without needing to click to a VDP. Even when you look at SRP penetration, Google AdWords does not always generate shopping behavior at a reasonable cost; all AdWords campaigns need to be inspected with a different lens.


LotLinx Sends Shoppers To Your Website

With LotLinx, the dealership’s marketing dollars generate nearly 100% shopper traffic with 100% deep linking to an SRP or VDP. That’s why I recommend dealers start with LotLinx today. It is the perfect compliment to a well optimized Google AdWords campaign and the missing piece to a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy.

Call the PCG team at  732-450-8200 to get your inventory syndicated into the LotLinx network.

In less than five days, your cars can be attracting new in-market shoppers and driving them to your website inventory. You can start with an investment of $2,000 a month and test the results. LotLinx is a month-to-month contract so you can evaluate the advertising model with little risk or downside.


About the Author

Brian Pasch is the founder of PCG companies. PCG provides customized marketing and training solutions for businesses that are committed to dominate their local market.