LotLinx is a PCG recommended marketing investment and should be a mandatory line item in a dealer’s marketing budget. Simply stated, LotLinx delivers in-market shoppers that are pre-qualified to the dealership’s website, landing the consumer on a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) or a Search Results Page (SRP).

In order to sell more cars, auto dealers will need to get MORE in market shoppers to visit their product pages; we call them Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) in the auto industry. LotLinx casts a wide “net” that connects auto shoppers with available inventory.

In fact, over 80% of the visitors to dealership websites, when generated by LotLinx, are NEW. That’s correct. LotLinx brings new shoppers to a dealership’s website that were not previously delivered by Google AdWords, social media engagement, OEM campaigns, or the dealership’s local branding.

LotLinx removes the potential of human error that is inherent in Google AdWords campaigns. LotLinx is the perfect complement to a well-optimized AdWords strategy; they are a match made in digital marketing heaven. In fact, we consider LotLinx to be “AdWords on steroids” because it increases the physical range of vehicle marketing outreach without increasing costs.

LotLinx By The Numbers

If you are looking to sell more cars at a lower cost, consider these observations collected from dealers¹ who are using LotLinx today:

  • New cars that sell 44% faster
  • Used cars that sell 58% faster
  • $3.99 for each unique shopper delivered to the vehicle detail pages on your own website
  • 95% of shoppers delivered are new prospects who’ve never been to your website before
  • 80% lower cost than what the average dealer is paying for paid search campaigns
  • $91.77 cost per sale

So, if you are ready to syndicate your inventory to more in-market shoppers, contact PCG at 732.450.8200.

LotLinx Integration With ROI-BOT

Dealers who contact PCG and signup for LotLinx will receive a free version of ROI-BOT™ Lite; the auto industry’s most powerful data dashboard.  LotLinx believes in data transparency and accountability so they have fully integrated their client facing reports into ROI-BOT.

The “Lite” version of the software will track your website analytics, Google AdWords investments, Google Webmaster Tools data, Social Media engagement, and online reviews. Dealers can upgrade to the full version of ROI-BOT as a minimal cost as a customer of LotLinx.


If you want to have the powerful data management capabilities of ROI-BOT™ and a solution to generate 80-95% new visitor traffic to your in-stock vehicles, give PCG a call. It will take about 5 days to get your inventory into the LotLinx network and driving more shoppers to your website.



Call: 732-450-8200

¹ LotLinx Business Intelligence, July 2014. Sales results are estimates and will vary by dealership.

About the Author

Brian Pasch is the founder of PCG companies. PCG provides customized marketing and training solutions for businesses that are committed to dominate their local market.