Donald Lampert and Denise K. Casagrande Reveal Their Methods for Success in Online Advertising for the Automotive Industry  

Eatontown, NJ (Feb. 27, 2017)—PCG Companies, an industry leader in automotive marketing strategies, online education, and data reporting, is pleased to announce their up and coming new book on digital advertising entitled, “Can You See Me Now?”

CYSMN - Authors The book, co-authored by Donald Lampert and Denise K. Casagrande, is set to launch at the CBT Automotive Conference & Expo on March 7th, 2017. “Can You See Me Now?” is centered around the need for paid advertising in today’s digital world and explores the strategies needed to utilize social media advertising and search engine marketing to increase online visibility, build brand awareness, and in turn, sell more cars. It is the first published book by both authors.

“I know this book will really push those in the auto industry to start having more confidence in digital marketing, and encourage them to start thinking more like a digital marketer,” said Casagrande, Social Media Specialist at PCG Companies. “We are thrilled to release this book and hope it brings not only knowledge, but excitement and opportunities, to those who read it.”

The automotive industry, known for being behind the curve in digital advertising, has tremendous opportunity to see ROI from their online marketing investments. “Can You See Me Now” was written to help automotive dealers understand the science, learn the strategies, and see the benefits of investing in brand building through online marketing.

“Can You See Me Now?” will be available for $35 at booth #221 at the 2017 CBT Automotive Conference & Expo.

About Donald Lampert

Don is the Digital Strategy Director at PCG Companies. With over eight years experience in digital marketing in multiple industries, Don specializes in developing and executing online marketing strategies, while always keeping best practices in mind. With a background in SEO and SEM, Don spends most of his time developing strategies and working with clients and coworkers to create strategies that will not only increase their web presence, but drive qualified traffic to their websites.

About Denise K. Casagrande

Denise’s career has been established on “leaps of faith”. Starting her professional career in health care, she took a leap of faith and advanced herself in the ever changing world of Digital Marketing. At PCG Companies, leading the social team, her day to day is spent keeping the wonderful team, as well as her clients up to date on the latest social trends. She also has taken a big interest in perfecting the social media sales funnel. At PCG is where she also found her voice, and began speaking at private events for dealer groups, 2016 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference, and one of her favorite accomplishments of presenting at Driving Sales Executive Summit in Las Vegas with Glenn Pasch. She is co-author of “Can You See Me Now?”, a book based on helping the auto industry succeed in digital paid advertising.

About the Author

PCG Digital Marketing is an award winning digital agency headquartered in Eatontown, NJ. We help our clients get found online through innovative search, social and online advertising campaigns.