Facebook advertising is an ever-changing craft, meaning at one point or another, you’re going to have technical questions that require information directly from the platform.

Previously, Facebook help was only offered in two forms: a community help page where you could only search for topics of issues that had happened in the past, or in the form of an email that could take up to a few business days to get a reply. If you had additional questions, that could then take another day or two to get a response. More recently, Facebook introduced the “chat” help feature.

Why is this feature so great? Convenience. The chat feature pops up directly in messenger, making it a super convenient way to get help with any questions you may have. From billing questions to ad performance questions, someone is always there to help you.

What else makes this feature so great? Humans! With Facebook chat help, you are connected to a real person, not a computer. The staff over at Facebook is very friendly and tries their best to get your questions answered. If there is something that they need to look further into, they will take the issue offline and look into it with their team to get it resolved.

They are in touch frequently with updates, and work to get the issue resolved ASAP. I once had a Facebook team member record my screen when a setting change wasn’t saving on a client’s Facebook page. This was then used with their engineering team to research the issue and get it resolved.

How do you get to this feature?

To access this feature in your Business Manager, click on the “help” button on the top right of your page. The column will expand and you will click on “Contact Us.”

Next, a new window will open. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “Chat.”

A form will then open. Fill this out, select your ad account and Facebook page, and start the chat. The chat will open up in messenger, creating an instant conversation with someone over at Facebook.

Following these steps, you can now get answers to your Facebook advertising questions in real time.

As you can see, live chat is an incredibly valuable feature. Try following Facebook’s lead and implement your own chat option for your business to provide the ultimate level of support to your current and potential customers!

About the Author

Dana Hauser is a Paid Search/Social Media Specialist at PCG. She is a lover of coffee and music, and enjoys baking in her spare time.