It’s been about two weeks of not shaking it down social wise, and I apologize. With the release of “Can You See Me Now?” I just needed to give my noggin a bit of a rest.

But I’m back baby, and stronger than ever, bringing you what’s worth shaking about.

Thursday, March 9th, while at CBT Automotive Conference, Glenn Pasch brought an article to my attention from Social Media Examiner, “Facebook set to release stories for messenger.” Interesting. Facebook, not one to let anyone upstage them, released this update just a few days after SnapChat went public (drama!).

Friday March 10th, I was shared a messenger story photo from Glenn and said to myself “Okay, we’re in the game.”

Below are the first friends of mine to use Messenger stories as soon as they rolled out. An a-list line up right here.

So what’s does this mean for marketers?

With 1 billion active users worldwide, Facebook sees a great deal of potential in its Messenger platform. Due to these overwhelming stats, Facebook has found purpose in giving users an update to keep them even more connected.

Facebook knows that many people prefer one platform to the other, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram—so why not let those who utilize Facebook as an everyday chat and connecting tool to be able to make stories?

The platform is now a one-stop-shop for marketers. You can share new products and happenings with your audience, and lead them back to your Facebook page for more information. Much like Instagram and SnapChat stories, Messenger stories will disappear within 24 hours.

Stories on Messenger will also work to open the door for more direct communications. Once you open up Messenger communication with a customer, you then can even deliver ads straight to their inbox with the Messenger placement on ads manager.

A more connected, informed world is Facebook’s long-term goal. It should also be your goal with your new and loyal customers. In fact, I’m adding to my day on Messenger right now.

Have you started using Messenger stories yet?

Tune in every Friday to the Social Shakedown to see what I think is worth shaking about!


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