People spend a lot of time online these days, but rarely on one site. In fact, it’s likely that once a visitor leaves your dealership’s website, they will be bombarded with messaging that could put your business in their rearview mirror—unless you are utilizing automotive remarketing ads. Remarketing is a paid search strategy that gives you the power to keep your brand prominent as website visitors browse the web (and probably your competitors’ sites).

Stand Your Ground in A Crowded Market

It can be difficult to get ahead of the competition with so many dealerships competing for the same customers, which is why any opportunity to keep your messaging in front of potential customers through automotive digital marketing is worth the time and effort. When you work with PCG Companies, you have Google and Bing certified specialists at your disposal who can put together a custom remarketing plan as part of your automotive paid search strategy.


How It Works

Imagine a potential customer leaves before filling out a lead form and then goes to YouTube to watch a video. All of a sudden, that person sees video pre-roll from your dealership talking about a great special going on, which turns into a banner ad on any news site they visit.

Automotive remarketing allows you to cost-effectively promote branded content that increases awareness as shoppers visit other sites. Because you set the length of time or amount of web visits it follows users for, you have the power to rotate your content and ensure you’re putting your most relevant message on display.


Recapture with Remarketing

The goal is to keep your message at top of prospects’ mind so that they come back to your website for another visit—and another chance for you to close the deal. Let our experienced team win back the ones who got away.