Thousands of car dealerships share the same goal: to have a strong presence in search results. That’s why automotive SEO has never been more important to your dealership’s marketing plan. Your consumers know what they’re looking for, but the real question is, are you there when they’re looking?

Stop Guessing, Start Targeting

Digital marketing gives car dealers something traditional advertising can’t—the power to deliberately target the audience that matters most. We take the time to understand what your dealership is up against and what it wants to accomplish. After conducting thorough research, our team of automotive digital marketing specialists determines a smart, targeted approach for reaching shoppers in your local area.


Don’t Ignore The Data

For car dealers, SEO is changing every day, and we move with the ever-shifting digital landscape so we can keep delivering quality results. PCG has access to some of the most advanced reporting tools in the automotive SEO industry, letting us use meaningful data to steer the game plan. Once we implement an SEO campaign, we monitor and adjust as necessary to get results.


Case Study:
Organic Traffic on the Rise

See how we helped a Ford dealer increase organic traffic by 109%

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There’s more to automotive search engine optimization than you’d think, which is why it’s time you worked with a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the automotive industry. When it comes to expanding car dealerships’ search presence, we’ve done it plenty of times—and we’ll do it again.