It’s not unusual for shoppers to kick off their new car search by asking friends for recommendations on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If your dealership has yet to embrace this shift in shopping habits, then our automotive social media experts are here to help.

Don’t Just Broadcast…Engage

Like it or not, it’s not enough to just “be on” social media sites anymore—you need to be part of the conversation. PCG will help your dealership establish a comprehensive plan that keeps the lines of communication open so customers can interact with you in real time.

Social media is always presenting new ways to market your brand and engage with followers. That’s why our team of dedicated social media managers keeps up with the latest trends and opportunities for clients to develop meaningful connections with past, current, and future customers.


Case Study:
Being Social Generates Service Leads

Learn how social ads drove new service leads for a New Jersey Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership.

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Be Where Your Customers Are

Social media advertising is more important than ever for car dealers because of the sheer volume of people—of all demographics—who use the platforms daily. Not to mention, running targeted ads where your shoppers are spending most of their time just makes sense.

We can help you hit specific markets with pointed messaging that reaches them when they need it. We utilize the latest social tools and apps to help get your message out to your customers, plus we’ll keep you in the loop the whole time so you know how it’s paying off.


Fans Are Good, But Advocates Are Better

Your customers want to be heard, so let us help manage online customer service and deliver unique content that will not only keep fans engaged, but build online relationships with those who matter most to your business.

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