Take 10 minutes to listen to Brian Pasch explain the LotLinx program for car dealers and answers the question: “Why should dealers participate in the program?”

LotLinx is a groundbreaking new strategy to syndicate dealership inventory to online shoppers without the drawbacks with the current syndication model.  Lotlinx is an investment that dealers should make because they must find ways to lower their advertising costs to sell cars to remain competitive.

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Dealers Want Consumers On Their Website

Not all third party classified advertising websites are equal.  Some websites provide higher quality traffic and more transparency than others.  Regardless of the quality that each website partner represents, most dealers agree that they would rather have the consumer viewing inventory on their own website!

VDP views

Until now, there was not a third party inventory syndication strategy that resolved all four of these dealer concerns.

Today. LotLinx technology delivers transparent, cost effective VDP advertising.

LotLinx syndicates your inventory over 130 popular classified website and consumer portals but delivers the VDP views back on your own dealership website.

Dealers know that the best place to have a consumer view their inventory is on their own website.  Best of all, if your dealership is running retargeting campaigns, these consumers can be added for additional brand reach.  LotLinx takes the transactions that were once “blind” and brings them into full on their website and Google Analytics and ROI-BOT.

Get Your Dealership In The LotLinx Network

To signup for LotLinx at your dealership, please call the sales and support team at PCG Digital Marketing at 732-450-8200. Please ask for Dan Webb or any available member of the PCG Sales team.

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