All dealers want to do the same thing: sell more cars.
That’s where LotLinx comes in.

With LotLinx, dealers don’t just generate more traffic; they receive shoppers who are in-market and show twice the level of engagement—all without increasing spend.

In fact, after shifting just 11% of monthly SEM spend—or an average of $1,933—dealers:

  • Reduced their cost-per- shopper from an average of $23.70 with AdWords to $3.99 with LotLinx
  • Reduced their cost-per- VDP view from an average of $18.55 with AdWords to $3.17 with LotLinx
  • Increased their Time on Site from an average of 1:96 with AdWords to 4:16 with LotLinx
  • LotLinx delivered 94% new visitors–nearly 20 percent better than AdWords.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

Within a month, dealers using LotLinx saw new car inventories move 45% faster and used car inventories move 54% faster.

No VDP Left Behind

An automotive study conducted by Cobalt clearly shows that vehicles with more Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views sell faster. If dealers want to sell more cars, they need to get their VDPs in front of as many Internet car shoppers as possible.

LotLinx drives low-funnel car shoppers directly to your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) on your website—not leads on third-party sites.

Your VDPs, Your Domain

LotLinx pages

Dealers have come to find value in syndicating their inventory on third-party classified websites. Despite the opportunities dealers have with using these advertising partners, they’ve expressed a number of concerns with this business model:

  • Inconclusive reporting: Dealers do not have the tools to see all the traffic that reportedly comes to their website from third-party classified websites.
  • Shared leads: Some classified advertising websites are not transparent.  Dealers are not sure if the leads or calls that are generated from their VDPs are exclusive to their own store.
  • Conversion diversion: Some classified advertising websites have advertising banners and links that distract the consumer. Advertising for car loans, insurance, or trade-in values can lead them off the VDP to another website.
  • Misaligned messaging: Some classified advertising websites are not consistent with the brand message of the dealership.  Sites that focus on average market price, and show dealership vehicle as above or under the market can be frustrating for dealers who focus on value.

how Lotlinx worksThis is the first third-party inventory syndication strategy that resolved all four of these dealer concerns. LotLinx technology delivers transparent, cost-effective VDP advertising—right on the dealer’s website.

LotLinx syndicates your inventory on more than 130 popular classified website and consumer portals, but delivers the VDP views back on your own dealership website.

Best of all, if your dealership is running retargeting campaigns, these consumers can be added for additional brand reach.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

When a dealer subscribes for 500 clicks to a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), they can see those 500+ clicks for themselves in Google Analytics.  This allow dealers to audit their invoice and also track conversion via phone and lead forms.  LotLinx is a fully transparent advertising solution; it’s like PPC on steroids!