content formattingIf you’re responsible for writing content on behalf of a company, you want to produce content that does more than fill up the pages. But how do you do that? Yes, choosing just the perfect word is important, but sometimes it comes down to the format of the words, not the actual wording, that matters most to people looking to share your content with others.

Use Infographics

An infographic on infographics states that publishers who use infographics see an increase in traffic of 12%. Is anyone surprised? Infographics are a great way to visually show a lot of research on one topic. With your business logo in the corner, they’re branded with your company’s name on them, proving it as a credible source.

Sure, it takes longer than a blog post to complete one, but you can bet that it will be shared more than a blog. Done correctly, these colorful, vibrant diagrams are chockfull of information and include everything that someone needs to share it right on the page. Once someone finds your infographic, they just have to copy and paste the HTML code provided on the page onto their website to share your infographic – branded for your company – to their fans.

It’s a common practice that makes for a quick and easy blog post for other businesses to share other’s infographics– we’ve done it here and here – but being original and the source company will drive even more traffic to your page and provide you with some of the most sharable content imaginable.

Create Videos

No, I’m not telling you to create the next viral video. However, the numbers speak for themselves that videos are highly watched and incredibly shareable on social media:

A video doesn’t have to be a long production, either. A quick thirty second clip filled with good information will still be shared.

Aim to be Pinned

You’ve heard it before and I know you’ll hear it again – you have a visual audience. There’s a reason apps like Instagram and Pinterest are so popular. People like to look at nice things, not just a car parked at the dealership or a product sitting on a shelf. Are you creating content that can be shared across either platform?

If you’re not, why not? No, not every photo you publish should be on your company’s Instragram account and not everything will appeal to those on Pinterest, but take a look at the products and services you’re providing and ask yourself how they could belong there.

Create photos that are worthy of being shared on Pinterest to supplement your articles. Infographics are a given; they’re all over Pinterest, but there’s no reason that a nice photo that supplements an awesome article won’t be pinned on Pinterest.

If the information is good enough and the photo is compelling and describes what the article is about, it will be shared by people who think that others will benefit from it. I can speak from experience that, yes, I did pin that photo of delicious tomato soup and recipe, but I also pinned the photo below because the article was so great that I wanted to share it with friends who blog:


Make Lists

Why is Buzzfeed so popular – and why are other sites such as Huffington Post, Elite Daily and others following in their footsteps with these numbered posts? Lists are fun and allow for unexpected creativity across all industries. While Buzzfeed may have a stronghold in 90s pop culture topics, any industry can come up with lists of the top products or leading best practices.

What car enthusiast wouldn’t want to share a list of the “Top 10 Reasons the Chevy Camaro Is the Best Sports Car of All Time?” What homeowners wouldn’t be interested in the “Top 7 Kitchen Organization Tips You Never Thought About?”

Think about the industry you work in. What are the three most popular products? Why? What are the four services your customers need and you have a solution to? Sometimes you just have to follow the trend – if you can’t beat them, join the

You’re now armed with four new formats to try out on your blog: infographics, photos, videos and lists. Try them out to see what formats are most shared by your audience!

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