Not everyone is cut out for spring cleaning. There are some people who are perfectly content squishing their sweaters in the same drawer as their bathing suits. Luckily for those people, cleaning up your social media accounts doesn’t take that much effort or motivation.

It is important, though, because things change and there’s always a chance that an update was forgotten. While you’re cleaning up your website, be sure to take the steps to clean your businesses social accounts as well.

How Has Your Business Changed?

As yourself these questions:

  • Have you added new products?message
  • Did you switch your focus from A to B?
  • Have new competitors popped into the market?
  • Are there new sales/events coming up?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, there’s a good chance your message needs a change. Open up that bottle and share what sets you apart from other businesses. There are many ways to go about this, and it’s up to you what to focus on. Just make sure it’s who you are as a business now!

Revisit Your Descriptions

When was the last time you looked at your social media descriptions? There’s a good chance it was day you wrote them. So take a look at them and make any necessary updates:

  • Do you still offer the same services?
  • Be sure that your contact information is up to date and ALL of your links work.
  • Update any awards! It’s awkward to see a company description that says “We are the 2008 Honda Dealer of the Year” when it’s 2014. Maybe you’ve been ‘Dealer of the Year’ 3 more times, but no one knows that from the description. And if you haven’t been, try to switch it up to “We have been rated ‘Honda Dealer of the Year’ in the past and still strive to be the best today.”

I may be partial, but I think that PCG does a great job in showing who we are and what we do :


Give Your Pages a Facelift.

Do you have a cover photo featuring snow or Christmas trees? Take it down. Now. Spring is here and people like to be reminded of that. Put some sunshine and seasonal graphics up!

Also keep your profile picture in mind: have you ever changed it? Switching it up constantly is not necessary, but a little face-lift once or twice a year is nice. Get your designer to come up with some new graphics to put a fresh image in the eyes of your fans.

Bury the Dead Accounts

Were you overly ambitious when you first jumped on the social media bandwagon? Blank Pinterest pages or an Instagram account with three photos are doing more harm than good. These dormant accounts can still rank on Google, which draws unwanted attention. More is not always better so stick with what works.

Plan for the Future

Go through your analytics to see which of your blogs or posts were the most popular. Keep note of them and schedule them to repost in the future. This also goes for social media channels. If you notice a particular channel is getting a lot of engagement and is driving traffic to your website, don’t neglect it and keep posting there regularly!

That was painless right? Take these simple tips into consideration when cleaning up your social media accounts. Making small changes can have a huge impact that will reside with your fans and keep them coming back for more.

Now that you’re on a roll, go clean out your closet!

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