Spring is finally in the air and that means a season of renewal. These April showers will give way to May flowers, which is always a lovely sight to see. New flowers and trees in bloom always catch the attention of people after a cold, gray winter. The same can be said for a continually fresh, updated site. Not to mention that it could be hurting your search engine rankings if it’s out of date.

Spring is a great time to take account of what is on your website and figure out what needs to go, what needs to be updated, and what can be added to attract new customers. There’s a good chance that some important things may have slipped through the cracks. There are some great website checklists out there to reference when doing this, but lets look at few key areas where you should focus on cleaning up right now.

Out With the Old

You’re busy so it can be tough to keep up with the demands of a fresh and vibrant site when you’ve got actual customers to worry about. But take the time now to do simple tasks like these:

  • Update copyright date on footer to current year
  • Has anything changed with your business that you could update on your About Us page?
  • Update your Contact Us and Team pages with any changes that have recently occurred
  • Check your blog to make sure there hasn’t been a big drop off.

Keep Things Moving

Things change all the time in digital marketing, yet those changes don’t always make their way across your entire site. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure things like social media widgets and email addresses on your site are up to date. There are also those forms that you rely on to bring in leads. Make sure they’re current and direct the leads to the right people for a streamlined sales process. Also, it’s a good idea to comb your website for any broken links that may have occurred recently and fix them pronto.

Freshen Up Your Content

Content is still King in SEO in 2016 so you should take some time to evaluate where you stand. Figure out which of your pages are doing well and which aren’t getting much traffic. This is your chance to add some new links to those pages or create new content that directs potential customers to where you want them to go. Remove any content that isn’t applicable or out of date because it’s just taking up space.

There is more website cleaning you can do, but this should get you on your way to a fresh start for the months ahead. If you need help with a site audit, or some help optimizing your website content, then give PCG a call today at (888) 798-1195.

About the Author

Nick Jiorle is a Content Writer at PCG with a background in copywriting, branding, and brewing craft beer. When he's not crafting optimized content for clients, you'll find him either brewing or out in the water in search of the perfect wave.