Hello and happy Friday to all the social lovers out there! We had a heck of a snow storm in New Jersey yesterday, but we all braved through and are counting down the days till Memorial Day Weekend at the Jersey Shore.

For this week’s Social Shakedown I’m giving you all some great resources where you can expand on your social knowledge. Recently, when I talk to clients and friends in the auto industry, the main question is “how can I understand this better?” In fact, an attendee came up to our booth at NADA and simply said “I’m thirsty for knowledge.”

So what I’ve done in this Shakedown is put together a great list of my favorite social blogs, why they’re my favorite, and how to find them. Hopefully, this will quench some thirst for those who are dehydrated.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured, a company located in Seattle, WA runs a great blog. In fact, I’ve followed along with Simply Measured since I first started in digital marketing. What always catches me is their compelling headlines, as shown below. Their blogs are interesting, straightforward, and very informational. I recommend signing up for the Simply Measured newsletter. Once a week I have great resources coming straight to my inbox.

Sprout Social

At PCG, we are members of the Sprout Social family, and utilize their platform every day to measure and schedule our content. Their blog is not one to miss. They’re breaking down all things social over at sproutsocial.com/insights/.

Another great thing Sprout Social does for you if you’re active on Twitter is TweetChats every Wednesday at 3pm EST. You can meet some really great digital marketers and discuss social media with them. You can find out more by following them on Twitter at @SproutChat.

Bad Rhino

What I like about Bad Rhino is that they just don’t have their company blogging for them, but they also get great content from outside resources. The blog is fresh—they are always on top of any new advances within your social platforms.

PCG Companies (shameless plug)

You’re thirsty for knowledge? We have it! I can’t stress enough the importance of staying in the know when it comes to digital marketing, and at PCG we are on top of it. From SEO, to industry happenings, we’re giving it all to you on a weekly basis. You can find it at pcgcompanies.com/blog.

Yes, maybe the blogs I listed aren’t as well known as the Social Media Examiner or Moz.com, but this is who I’m following on a regular basis to stay on top of my social media game. I hope this helps and opens your eyes to some new resources to help you achieve success!

Be sure to check for The Social Shakedown every Friday to see what I think is worth shaking about.

About the Author

Denise Casagrande is an enthusiastic Social Media Director at PCG. When she's not tweeting, posting and sharing, you can find her at the beach or the local yoga studio.