This Winter, Turn up The Heat on Your Competition

In 2017, the Automotive Engagement Conference visited 10 cities on our national tour showing dealers how to measure consumer engagement, eliminate marketing blunders and waste, improve website conversions, increase reach using social media, and how to turn your inventory faster.

In 2018, we have fresh content, updated strategies and a brand new playbook for 2018 created by Brian Pasch.

Here are the two warm-weather destinations
we’ve selected before NADA

Attendees will learn how to:

Measure consumer engagement to eliminate advertising BOTS, BLUNDERS, and BLOAT in their marketing investments

Leverage marketing automation tools to create relevant advertising, optimized by consumer engagement

Improve their online communications strategies to increase conversions: leads, calls, chats, and text messages

Lead their dealership in a digital age by leveraging marketing data properly to create effective attribution models.

A Free Gift Worth $135+:

Attendees will receive Brian’s latest book “Who Sold It?”, “Swimming with Digital Sharks”, “Selling Cars in a Digital Age”, and “The Power of Connected Marketing” by Glenn Pasch.¬† All of that in addition to the PCG Marketing Roadmap for 2018.


Assembled expert speakers from
award-winning automotive MarTech companies


Brian Pasch


Len Short


Sean Seltzer


Tim Cox



Brett Sutherlin


Joe Dallas


Special Guest – TBA


Dan Moore


Special Guest – TBA


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Please Note: These events are for dealers only. If vendors sign up then we
will immediately refund your monies and you will be charged an extra processing fee