QualityHave you ever tried to read something that lacked imagination and sounded like it was thrown together in three minutes? I guarantee your mind was wandering and you stopped reading it when you started to fall asleep.

Is that want you want people to do with your blog posts?

When it comes to writing content, it is simply not enough to just throw a bunch of words together. While it sometimes may be tempting to produce quantity over quality to produce more content, this isn’t the best approach. Your goal is to write a blog or product page that someone wants to not only read, but also wants to share with his network.

The key to doing this is making sure that each blog is well written and well researched. Prove that you’re a master on the topic with supporting facts and details, but write them in your own engaging voice that people expect from you. Make it your priority to make it unique, creative and thought-provoking.

Make it Unique

100% OriginalThere are two major reasons you want your content to be unique: search engines and your readers.

One surefire way to get your readers to stay on a page for more than just a couple of seconds is to offer them something they can’t find anywhere else. Attractive content will prompt your visitors to spend more time on the website, in turn increasing your traffic and ROI.

And like fingerprints and snowflakes, it is extremely important that you make sure your content is unique for the search engines. Duplicate copy is a big no-no from Google (and why would you want to copy someone else’s work?) and Google will discredit sites with duplicate copy.

Write for Your Readers

Engage ReadersIt’s important to make sure that your content is written in a way that really speaks to your readers. No one wants to feel like they are reading passages out of a school textbook; they want to be reading something that’s fun and interesting and speaks directly to them.

When you create content that is both original and engaging, it will encourage other sites to link to your page, growing your reach. Social sharing matters to help your article rank and get more eyeballs on your site.

Stop wasting your time mass-producing content for your site with little gain in traffic! Tap into your imagination to find new, unique topics and put an original spin on them to draw attention and readers.

And remember to ask yourself an important question: would this be something I would want to read and share with my friends?

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