PCG, together with Northwood University’s accredited automotive marketing and management program, today announce a partnership to deliver a new course and curriculum based on PCG’s book, Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing. The announcement was made today on CBT News.

Beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, Northwood University will be offering an in-depth class for their students focusing on digital marketing skills for the automotive industry.

northwood-university-logoStudents will learn a variety of skills through live instruction in addition to having access to PCG’s online training platform, the PCG Learning Center. This learning center contains multiple courses with self-paced modules with titles such as, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Analytics for Car Dealers, Video Marketing Strategies, and a variety of others.

In the past, these topics had only been touched upon. Now that these elements are at the forefront of marketing today, Northwood decided to take the next step to ensure that their students were trained and ready as they entered the job market.

“When I am developing a course for students, the primary component to structure is relevance,” stated Elgie Bright, Professor and Chair of Automotive Marketing and Management. “Partnering with Glenn Pasch and PCG to design this Automotive Digital Marketing course gave it instant relevance. Glenn is not only an outstanding teacher; his contribution to his clients’ success is well documented. The students are gaining insights and direction from a proven leader. Northwood University is always proud to have the automotive industry’s best in the classroom and we’ve done it again with Glenn and PCG.”

Glenn Pasch, Partner and CEO of PCG, is also eager to get started in this new position.

“I reached out to Northwood University, based on the recommendation of a member of the Southland Motor Car Dealer Association (SMCDA),” said Pasch. “When I spoke to Elgie Bright about what PCG had been doing in terms of educating dealership employees on digital marketing, he asked if I would be interested in creating a course for his students. He stated that this was a needed piece to prepare Northwood’s students for the current business-marketing climate when they graduate. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be part of this inaugural class.”

The class will be co-taught by Glenn Pasch and Elgie Bright.

For more information about Northwood University, please visit www.northwood.edu

For more information about PCG’s training courses, please visit www.pcgtraining.com 


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