The world of social media can be crazy at times. The stream of information can be endless and the speed at which we get information is light years faster compared to even a decade ago. There are so many great sources of information on the web, how do we find it all and find what we want?  

As the Internet continues to grow and social media continues to grow at an exponential rate, users and businesses can come together to share the best of what the Internet has to offer, with benefits for everyone.

Promoting the ideas we have and the ideas of others can benefit everyone involved. Whether it’s building a linking network that gets shared across various social networks or promoting an event to another set of users, sharing content gains everyone exposure across the board.

Providing quality content, whether it’s from you or sharing the quality content of others (while giving credit), can build brand awareness and build up your online reputation very easily.


Below are some simple benefits for why promoting or sharing content has benefits for all involved.

Content attribution/sharing helps build a network.

The ultimate goal of using social media as a business is to increase brand awareness. By not following simple steps like attributing content you share, you’re cutting your business or your brand off from a big opportunity to network. If someone writes a very informative blog that is relevant to your site and you share it on your social media networks, you’re exposing that user or business to a new set of users and vice versa. Promoting content and attributing it to the original source will help you build a network of shares that can get you exposure in new and different places!

For example, if you were posting about supporting an upcoming charity event in your city, you would want to tag or attach the event’s official Facebook or Twitter page when posting. By doing this, the event will likely promote your support of the event to their followers/users through a Share or a retweet. This opens up a brand new stream of potential customers/users for your business.

Shared content helps you engage your customers/users.

Continuing off the first tip, sharing the content of other users exposes your followers to new material. Instead of regular posts of what services you provide or what’s happening in your line of business, giving users content from other sources can keep them engaged with your brand. It also demonstrates that you’re trying to provide users with the best possible experience when they see your tweets/posts/pins.

Sharing relevant content creates more impressions.

This one is common sense but if you find outside content that provides your users with beneficial information, share it. If users are finding that your posts are informative and providing real value, they’re going to continue clicking on your posts and sharing with other users the quality you’re providing.

Sharing is caring.

Sharing content on your social media also means that you’re essentially giving the content an endorsement. You’re telling users that this information is very important for them. When you share quality information, trust will begin to build between the user and your business. This can also lead to more business, more impressions, more clicks, and hopefully, more sales in the long run.

Content will always be king and social media has given us a great way to share it with the masses. Share quality content and your brand will benefit, simply put. What are you doing to share quality content for your users?