connected-marketing-amazonMarketing today has gotten even more complex, and customers are now encountering your company’s message across multiple platforms.

Offline: Radio, TV, Newspapers, Print Ads, Mail

Online: Websites, Reviews, Blogs, Social Media

In-Store: Employees, Banners, Signs, Word of Mouth

And the list keeps growing.

If your message is not connected and consistent through all of these channels, then the fact is, you’re wasting marketing dollars. Even though there are those who say some of these channels, such as offline marketing, are dying, many businesses are still utilizing them as part of their overall strategy. My new book, “The Power of Connected Marketing”, that I wrote with Troy Spring and Tracy Myers, will teach you how to maximize and unify all of these efforts.

Over a year and a half ago I began writing about the idea of “unification” of a company’s marketing efforts. This idea sparked from hearing the confusion when new clients or audiences spoke of their frustration with their marketing. As they described their multi-agency approach it was apparent that each of their branding and marketing campaigns were being done in what I called “silos.”

Each agency or person was handling one aspect (silo) of marketing for a company and was not working in sync each other, thus not connected. For example, an agency handling the traditional marketing (radio, TV or direct mail) did not discuss with the digital agency where to send the traffic on the company’s website.

The actual idea to write a book came when I did a workshop at Troy and Tracy’s Unfair Advantage Mastermind Group on this topic.  As we all had dinner later on that night, we thought we should expand on the idea. Troy’s expertise is in traditional media, Tracy is known for the experience he creates for his customers when they visit his business, and my specialty is online marketing.

We thought that if each of us provided education on how to excel at offline, online, and on-site marketing, then show how to connect them all, we would provide a resource like no other. We strongly believe we accomplished that goal with this book. We are confident that it will help all businesses connect their marketing across multiple channels, thus being more effective and efficient.

Our goal is to inspire companies from Fortune 500 to individual business owners to step back and look at your marketing efforts, and learn the questions to ask your agency partners, or yourself, so you can get your message out to your customers no matter where they find you.

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback and supported this effort. We look forward to hearing from readers with their stories of how this book helped their businesses form connected marketing messages.

The book is now available on Amazon.

About the Author

Glenn Pasch is a Partner and CEO of PCG Companies. Glenn continues to author articles for multiple industry publications, blogs and forums as well as continuing his writing online at