ChrisAs I sat in a conference room anxiously awaiting to interview for the position I desperately coveted, I frantically recalled the countless opportunities I had applied to in the past. As you would expect, during the interview I heard everything I wanted to hear and more, but the cynic in me, having been burned before, decided to ignore fear and take the chance.

Now that I am actually here, I can tell you honestly that the difference between all of the broken promises that litter my resume and PCG is that this time the offer was real.

I originally came to PCG looking for a chance to change career paths. I spent the last several years slowly deteriorating in the ever too common cycle of lower middle class America, paying my dues and trying to climb the rung-less corporate ladder. As I researched PCG, a picture of an organization that seemed simultaneously successful and yet accessible began to emerge. There was transparency and a sense of inclusion and acceptance instead of the typical cold and guarded “professional” vibe I was accustomed to.

As I sat down with my interviewer, that perception I found in my research became to unfold in front of my eyes. Every aspect of the company’s practices, policies, and overall goals were offered freely to me. I felt comfortable enough to ask the team why they liked working at PCG, and their answers were later confirmed by my own experiences. They felt the freedom to get their job done their way. They all felt the casual office combined with the open flex hours let them take control of their own destiny, giving them the respect to prioritize and delegate their own workload as they saw fit. There was no clock to punch; as long as their work was completed on time, that is all that mattered.

They were also given the freedom to learn multiple positions and continue growing from within. In turn, they never felt trapped in their role–there was always the flexibility to expand professionally. In essence, they did not have to choose between their personal and professional lives; they were given the ability to balance the two as needed.

As I sat there, I began to realize my perceptions were correct. PCG had somehow found a way to enable their employees to be a collaborative, inviting group with self-imposed dedication and passion for their work. PCG offered what I had always dreamed I could find in a job: growth, flexibility, advancement, creativity, a casual office environment with a competitive salary and, most importantly, control of my own professional future. I was offered the chance to decide for myself where I am going to be in five years if I choose to put in the time and effort. It all seemed too good to be true, but after one month, thanks to PCG’s training program and responsive coworkers, I have been provided with a solid foundation to develop my skill-set.

I have confidence and a positive attitude, which is reaffirmed daily by the amazing group of people I am fortunate enough to work beside. I am now able to wake up every day and enjoy where I am going and what I am doing, and I have PCG to thank.