When it comes to your business, your SEO strategy is the one partner you’ll never want to break up with. There will be ups and downs, confusion and frustration, but at the end of the day you better one another.

Much like a real relationship, you are constantly learning new things about SEO strategy. The endless amounts of information can become overwhelming, but with time and effort, you will learn that your SEO is, in fact, your better half. If you feel like your relationship has been a little rocky lately, here are five ways to ensure you succeed:

Don’t Force It

When you try too hard, you become less appealing – this is true in both your relationship and your SEO strategy. If your SEO strategy is forced, Google will not recognize you, and your results will not be beneficial.

Don’t be the desperate and needy significant other, but instead, be confident in your business and let your SEO flow seamlessly.

Have a Wing-man

A positive opinion from others can go a long way with your relationship. When readers or followers begin to like, share, link back to, or comment on your blogs and posts, Google recognizes your positive engagement.

This reinforces the relevance of your content and allows Google to rank you higher.

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent

Even if you think you can trick Google into ranking you higher, you can’t. While cheating your way up the ranks may work for a bit, it’ll all come crashing down in a matter of time.

Once you are caught lying and cheating the system, it is extremely difficult to ever recover and gain back Google’s trust. The short lived gains will come at a long-term cost, so don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Take It Slow

Patience is key when it comes to SEO. Long term success is a lengthy process because Google needs time to trust you. Never try to rush things, but instead, take the time to build a valuable relationship with Google.

Great success comes to those who wait. Therefore, if you establish trust and build an admirable relationship Google will reward you.

Accept Change

It is very difficult to please Google, one day this can make them happy, and the next day it won’t work. Just when you think you have Google all figured out, it changes.

Some days you may question Google’s sanity; but as long as you continue executing the basic fundamentals (writing solid content, getting content shared, build a community, etc.) you will be able to excel.

Your SEO strategy can be very similar to a relationship; but with trust, transparency, valuable words and meaningful actions you’ll flourish. If you believe your relationship could use some counseling, contact PCG Companies to learn how we can help your business today!