The 2017 CBT Conference & Expo is quickly approaching, and PCG’s Brian and Glenn Pasch will be there once again to share their digital marketing expertise with the automotive community. This year’s event will be held March 7-9, and dealers from across the nation will gather in Atlanta, GA to learn the latest and greatest skills needed to run successful dealerships in a digital age.

For dealers looking to increase the quality of engaged shoppers on their websites, Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG, will touch upon his latest developments with his workshop, “Your Marketing KPIs are Junk Without CPE.” In this session, Brian will explain how dealers are using outdated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Google AdWords, email marketing, and social media advertising. Brian will explain how these metrics will finally help to level the playing field and measure all paid traffic with a new KPI: Cost Per Engagement (CPE).

In another dynamic session, this time by CEO Glenn Pasch, dealers will learn why their current processes for improving employee performance are failing. The workshop entitled, “Unlocking the Selling Power of Your Average Employees,” Glenn will share a clear process and technique that any manager can utilize to get better results from their team, especially the middle 60%.

The 2017 CBT Conference and Expo is the can’t-miss event of the season. Don’t get caught using last year’s strategies—make sure to stop by Brian and Glenn’s workshops or booth #221 for the most up-to-date industry knowledge!

Heading out to CBT a day early? Join us for PCG Digital Day

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Gina Orlando is the Marketing Manager at PCG and is passionate about learning new things and keeping up with the latest marketing, social media, and pop culture trends. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to country music, online shopping, and anything chocolate.